Finocial Chain Private Blockchain

Posted by Ankit Sharma on February 9, 2017

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Block chain was long introduced by Satoshi nakamoto in 2008 as anonymous developer and no one is aware where is he right now? 

What Satoshi did was encapsulating the definition of transaction as values which can be shared to everyone and can only be accepted if the end part agrees to the transaction.

This invention left us many things at abstract perspective that how can help us in the problem of security and sharing data across everyone removing third party intermediaries.

Finocial is using this a backbone for maintaining transactions and values on the core banking resources which are being created by producers,developers and consumers at the same point of time.

Finocial chain introducing a private block chain which is backward compatible to Bitcoin and provides methods such as native assets and data streams to solve transaction level problems.

Finocial chain helps organisation to build applications on blockchain and shared ledgers.

With managed permission and data streams you can control in and out of concepts of blockchain.

Girish Laather

Girish Laather

Blockchain is that the technology of future and it's a centralized system that exists between all parties, no ought to pay middleman and it enhance performance of teams within the system. It saves time and conflict. Blockchain Technology isn't with reference to BitCoin. it's a awfully powerful technology, ready to perform advanced operations. it's a form of your digital wallet and therefore the plan of sensible contracts are return from here. For get more information about this latest technology visit: